“I think in my 20s I was always trying to figure out why. Why? Why did this happen to me? And all of these whys get me nowhere. And I can spend another decade trying to find these enlightening little nuggets of insight for myself or I can keep moving forward and just realize it was just preparing me for something very, very deep and real. And that’s the person that I am. Life just is.”

Sharece Phillips and I have intentional conversation about facing her inner child, exploring her childhood and moving forward. We discuss how her art has helped with healing and feeling groundless during major life shifts, both past and present. We also discuss how Sharece’s participation in the RAW Project has impacted her journey.

Sharece Phillips is an artist, jewelry designer, poet, DJ, and creator of SHA-RECE designs. An aspiring Creative Life Coach, Sharece aims to use these creative practices as a tool to heal and inspire others.