“It’s really interesting because I was always really exhausted all the time. And the reason why is because I had this push-pull in my body. It’s resistance. You’re resisting what you actually want and forcing yourself and we do this all day, every day. A lot of us do. Most of us, I think.”

Esther Loopstra and I have intentional conversation about learning to listen to your intuition and leading a more authentic and intuitive life. She shares her journey as an artist, her art career and how all of that shifted when she decided to start listening to her intuition and focus more on her desires.

Esther Loopstra is a professional artist, educator and intuition coach whose work is an extension of her perpetual curiosity. Her art has been shown in galleries, used for print ads, editorials, books, stationery products, textiles and more. She has also has a degree in Psychology and obsessively studies neuroscience, the creative process, intuition, mindfulness, and the psychology of FLOW. She offers one on one sessions and specialized workshops that allow individuals to connect to their intuition and authentic selves so that they can create AMAZING things in this world. You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook @estherloopstraart.