“Growing up and being homeschooled and I had a wonderful community but then going to high school and just being so weird and really on the outside for most of my time there and learning how to adapt, how to be a chameleon, and hide the different parts of myself in order to fit in with everyone else…I never felt like I belonged.”

Hannah Exner and I have intentional conversation about true belonging, creating authentic communities, and leadership. We also discuss issues with the wellness industry, the importance of service and creating businesses of service that align to who we are.

Hannah is a well-being seeker, community creator, and founder of Three Moon Collective, a resource + community for the wellness curious and those that support them. Her most favorite way to connect with her community is through her weekly newsletter and her private membership community, The Libration. In addition to being a seeker, she also teaches yoga, practices reiki, and reads the Akashic Records book a reading.