“I always say grief is a full body emotion and I’ve learned that the hard way…what I’m learning to do is just be with it. My grief is worse today almost eight months later than it was a week after she died. Allowing myself the space to process has been really difficult but now that I’m more actively practicing it, it’s been a game changer.”

Mandy Jankus and I have intentional conversation about losing her mother to cancer and the aftermath of overwhelming grief. We talk about learning to hold space for grief, finding joy and how our bodies hold and process grief and trauma.

Mandy Jankus is a Life Coach and Daring Way Facilitator at Radiant Spirit Coaching. Her mission is to use coaching to empower people to learn about themselves and each other—to keep growing and cultivate courage. As a mother, teacher, coach, wife, and friend, she is a woman who yearns to help folks experience life, raw and messy, while celebrating everyday gratitude.