“Self-compassion is the most important component of resilience… You don’t get your value from an external thing. My old definition of resilience did not include that ingredient because I would push through to prove myself… “

Aga Lawrynowicz and I have intentional conversation about resilience and how that definition has changed over the years. We talk about centering our resilience and self-compassion, worthiness and self-love. We talk about Aga’s formative years in Poland to her life now in Seattle and how she her struggles with motherhood led to her work as a Life Coach for moms.

Aga Lawrynowicz is founder of Choose Clarity. She is a strategist, mentor and life coach for moms. Creating a community for women is her passion. A former explosives queen, she spent over ten years working as an engineer in the oil and gas industry. Now Aga is a mother of two, step-mother of two, and a huge fan of mindfulness.