“Something that stuck with me in the episode back in December was that I wasn’t able to hold both jewelry and life coaching. And what the pandemic has done is provided me more time to check in with self, more time to discover, rediscover tools to sort of pour the water out of my vessel. In the times that we’re in, I think it’s very necessary for us to look at the things that we hold most important and just focus on that. You’ve got to cut all the things out of your life that no longer seem useful for you and I think with doing that, I’ve created a bit more room to focus on both life coaching and jewelry.”

Sharece Phillips and I have a follow-up to the conversation on Childhood Trauma & Deeping Our Emotional Well that we recorded late last year and before the Covid pandemic. She reflects on the things she talked about, what shift did and didn’t happen, and where she is right now.

Sharece Phillips is an artist, jewelry designer, poet, DJ, and creator of SHA-RECE designs. An aspiring Creative Life Coach, Sharece aims to use these creative practices as a tool to heal and inspire others.