When I talk to clients about what their portrait may look like, I tell them that most people have a certain expression that represents their best and true self. Some people look their best smiling while others look their best with a more serious expression. Melissa definitely fit into the former category. She had the most amazing smile—it was genuine, playful and hinted at something more… a suggestion to get to know her better. Talking to her, it was obvious this was true as she is open, unassuming and willing to put herself out there.

For Melissa’s look, we decided to go with a bit more makeup than we do for most clients. Melissa likes to get ‘dolled up’ when she goes out and enjoys makeup. She’s unafraid of red lipstick so we went for a more glamorous look in her favorite ‘going out’ outfit.

Discovering who you are means seeing many different sides of you.

When Melissa looked at her portraits at the reveal, she was most struck by one particular picture that reminded her of herself when she was a teenager. The look and expression took her back to those memories. While most of the pictures showed her smiling and happy, there were a few more serious ones, including one that showed a bit of sadness, depth and complexity. She was drawn to that image because it showed another side of her. Discovering who you are means seeing many different sides of you.