Why don't we like ourselves in pictures?

Have you ever had the experience of looking at a picture of yourself and disliking what you see? Or a picture that you didn’t like but everyone else thought you looked great? Disliking ourselves in pictures has nothing to do what we look like but about something much deeper.

We don’t like our pictures because we don’t really see ourselves. We focus on our flaws and hold ourselves to impossible standards while being hypercritical and harshly judging ourselves. We don’t accept and embrace ourselves as we are because we’re afraid of being seen, judged and ultimately, rejected.

Being seen is both our greatest fear and deepest desire.

What if you could learn to embrace all of you?

What if you could see your true self? See the full breath of who you are ranging from powerful and confident to sad and vulnerable? 

What if, instead of rejecting or judging parts of you, you took a closer look to explore all these sides? What if in doing so, you learned to accept yourself fully? To see the beauty in all of you, to practice self acceptance and love? 

Photography is a powerful tool for self-exploration. A true portrait isn’t about capturing what you look like. It’s about looking into your soul to explore the complex and multi-faceted range of who you are. You embody the full spectrum of light and shadow and every single part of you is worthy of being seen and loved.

Changing your life begins with changing how you see yourself.

No fancy outfits, no stylized setup, just a simple backdrop and lighting. My intention is to capture you, your true self, and who you really are.


Transformative Portraits

Go on a journey to explore who you are, see your true self and embrace yourself fully. Includes mentoring, video documentation and in-person Reveal.

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Raw Session

A project to redefine beauty. I am not beautiful like you. I am beautiful like me. No makeup or hairstyling. Black and white, exploring your shadow and light.

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