I started writing two years ago when I decided to stop hiding all of my most vulnerable secrets and shame and did it in a newsletter that I still write today. It was how I began healing myself. I did it in newsletter format because it felt less dangerous than publishing it on a public blog. It felt like a terrifying leap into the dark unknown but I did it anyway because I felt like I had to.

A few months ago, after speaking at Woman For One’s Truthteller Tour earlier this year, I felt like it was time to put my words out into the world so I submitted one of my newsletter writings entitled “What We Are Willing to Tolerate” to Mantra Wellness Magazine. I never heard anything back so didn’t think it resulted in anything. But this morning at a client consultation, my client told me about the article and I was thrilled and emotional to see my words in print. This is an important step towards finally letting go of what others think of me and truly recognizing that my voice matters. The funny thing is that the article is about how I’ve tolerated the silencing of my voice and that I won’t tolerate that anymore.

Amazing things happen when you start showing the world, however small that world starts out to be, who you really are deep inside underneath all the layers of shame and secrets, expectations and social norms. When we embrace our pain, our shadows, our traumas and recognize we are whole because they are part of who we are and we learn to accept ourselves as we are, magic happens. Thank you Mantra Magazine for believing my voice matters.