"Children are valued not for being a child but for growing out of it."

- Jasmin Lee Cori

Have you ever thought about how children are valued? They are not valued for behaving like children but instead for when they stop behaving like them. It’s something I catch myself doing with my own children.

We are our truest selves as children. We feel what we want to feel, say what we want to say, have firm boundaries and know clearly what we want and don’t want. When we are not valued for these qualities as children, we lose parts of ourselves. Who were you when you were a child? What has been left unclaimed from childhood?

Let’s explore our inner child together through one or both of the following events happening this month.

On Oct. 10th, I’ll be facilitating the Dear You: Reconnecting to Your Inner Child workshop in partnership with Manifest House where we will do a deep dive into ourselves past and present and take steps to integrate the two. It’s currently sold out but we might be releasing a few more tickets so DM.

On Oct. 17th, I’ll be hosting Coffee with Intention for an intentional conversation on our Inner Child.

Empowered Sisterhood members attend both of these events for free. Whether you are a member or not, visit the link in my bio to learn more.



Photo by Charlein Gracia on Unsplash