"Let it be known I did not fall from grace. I leapt to freedom."

- Ansel Elkins

I’ve been thinking about success and failure a lot lately as I begin to take big leaps and risks towards my dreams. There is a lot of fear as I walk this path and a lot of concern about failure too. But the biggest lesson I’m learning on this journey is I create my own reality by choosing the perspective through which I see the world. So instead of using some external metric imposed by others to define my success, I choose to redefine success and failure for myself.

Failure is…

  • feeling victimized by the world and believing you don’t have choices.
  • letting fear talk you out of what your gut wants you to do.
  • being afraid to be vulnerable because being vulnerable is having the courage to be seen.
  • not taking chances because you’re afraid to fail.
  • letting others define your success.

Success is…

  • having the courage to show up as your true self and defining your own sense of worth.
  • running towards your dreams, despite your fears.
  • recognizing you have the power to create your own reality.
  • seeing your vulnerability, flaws and struggles not as faults but as your power.
  • leaning into fear because fear means you’re getting ready to grow and change.
  • choosing to live fully, bravely, and unapologetically.

I choose to live fully, bravely and unapologetically.