Thank goodness Spring Break is over. We stayed home over the break. We went on two local trips in February for Winter Break and my birthday so decided to stay home last week. My kids didn’t want to do much except play with the neighborhood kids and play video games (which they’re not allowed to do on school days) so it meant a lot of lazy days at home for me. I love lazy days but honestly, I am the type of person who is either super self-motivated or completely lazy and won’t do anything so an entire week like this is not good for me. While I love having nothing to do once in a while, having a routine is so much better for me. Coupled with some personal issues that came to a head at home and not having a routine, my mindset pretty much went to hell and I found myself yelling at the kids a lot and having little patience for anyone or anything. I was definitely not my true self. But judging and beating myself up over my shortcomings doesn’t serve me or anyone else so I am okay with getting to this state. I have given myself grace because no matter how bad things get, we can always start again. I think sometimes, when we get off track, we can get so consumed with our failures that we end up using that to not start again. But today is a new day, a new week and a new  beginning. As I’ve shared before, “practice radical gratitude” is one of my intentions for this year and I have not been practicing it regularly. So today, I am grateful for the rough week, terrible mood and mindset I was in last week because it’s given me the opportunity for renewal, a reset and to begin again.

Are You Listening In on Intentional Conversations?

Have you been listening to or subscribed to the Coffee with Intention Podcast? The latest one was with my friend Linda Yoon and we discuss beauty standards and body image. We specifically discuss it within the Korean beauty standard (10-step routine anyone?) and how that’s impacted us. How has beauty standards impacted your self-image? Do you consider yourself beautiful? What does that even mean?

I am currently working on editing the conversation I had with Carol Gavhane fromAsha Blooms on the gifts of infertility which I hope to release this week. On the schedule for the future is a conversation on religion with Ashley Nicholson, hustling for worthiness with Life Coach Susan Palmer Wood, romantic relationships and your relationship with self with Michelle Acquavella, and perfectionism with Executive Coach Tricia Bolender. These are all amazing women full of life experiences, struggles and wisdom on each topic and they inspire me to live more intentionally. Surrounding ourselves with such women is important and the podcast is your opportunity to do the same!

You can listen to the podcast on  iTunesAndroidGoogle Play or Spotify. Please rate and review and share with anyone who might enjoy listening. Thank you!

Come Create Intuitive Art with Me

Last month, Life Coach Angie Louthan and I held the “Finding Light in the Dark” workshop on exploring our shadows. Did you know she also holds intuitive art classes for women? “The Art of Creating the Life You Desire” is a class  designed to help you explore your subconscious and bring awareness to patterns of thought through art. I wanted to take the class so am hosting her in my space. So come take the class with me! It will be an engaging and fun evening of exploring the artist within us (we all have that, even if you don’t think so) and the messages the art has to reveal to us. You can register for it here.