It’s September! Usually, this time of year is about returning to routine, feeling reinvigorated about work and turning inward. This year obviously will be different with the pandemic and my kids not returning to school like usual. My husband and I have been tag teaming getting away and working from home to work while we try to maneuver this reality. But, things being different doesn’t mean we can’t continue to live life and move forward, right?

I have finally decided to tackle the fear of doing videos of myself as well as live ones so started a YOU MATTER series on IGTV Live where I’ll pull one of the YOU MATTER cards I give away at events and explain how that card came to be. I’ve also started doing interviews/conversations on IGTV and that’s been fun. I can’t wait to hold some more events live too so stay tuned.

Empowered Sisterhood was launched in July and is slowly finding its footing. To facilitate a greater sense of safety and intention for the community, we are going to an all paid model starting mid-September and simplifying the plans to just one that comes with ALL the benefits. One of the great benefits is that you can attend all the events below for FREE (except WomanSpeak). Open enrollment is closed but will re-open then! In the meantime, learn more about our community by visiting the Empowered Sisterhood page!

You are Invited

WomanSpeak Class Meets

Wednesday, September 2nd @10:00-12:00pm PT/@1:00-4:00pm ET
WomanSpeak is female-centric speaking program created by KC Baker whose aim is to help women get clear on their message and learn to speak with authenticity and impact.

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Coffee with Intention

Saturday, July 18th @10:00-11:45pm PT/@1:00-2:45pm ET
Let’s come together and connect meaningfully with other women for an intentional gathering with coffee (or tea) and vulnerable conversation on the topic of Anger.

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Journaling Circle

Tuesday, July 7th @1:00-2:00pm PT/@4:00-7:00pm ET
Writing and sharing can be a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. Let’s gather together to reflect on our past, present and grow into our future by journaling together. You will be provided with a prompt, we will discuss, journal and then share what we wrote.

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WomanSpeak Intro Class

Wednesday, September 16th @9:00-12:00pm PT/@12:00-4:00pm ET
Attend an Intro Class to experience the program for yourself. You will be able to participate in a regular circle meeting to see what it is like to speak your truth in a supportive environment and be celebrated for who you are.

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Empowered Sisterhood Member Social Hour

Friday, September 18th @5:00-6:00pm PT/@8:00-9:00pm ET
This member only event is designed for casual, fun but always intentional connecting to build community among members. Join Empowered Sisterhood to enjoy benefits like these!

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Book + Journal: The Body is Not an Apology

Saturday, September 26th @10:00-12:00pm PT/@1:00-4:00pm ET
Join me in reading Sonya Renee Taylor's book, The Body is Not an Apology and let’s meet virtually to discuss, journal together and share our reflections. This event was rescheduled from last month.

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