Sharing stories is powerful. Words are powerful. Not just the words we say but the words that go unspoken. When we feel pain or shame surrounding something we’ve gone through, silence holds its power over us.

Yesterday, we held our second Raw Storytelling for Women event to a sold out crowd. So many women got up and shared stories that were hard to tell. It’s one thing to confide some of our deepest pain to someone safe and close to us but another to a room full of strangers. But I believe that sharing our stories can help us by releasing the power silence has over us and can be empowering, especially when we feel truly heard, seen and supported.

Last night we witnessed a full range of stories from the more light hearted to heavier ones from all different women from different backgrounds and age groups, including a teenager. My hope is that everyone left more connected to each other and to themselves. To the ladies who showed up for yourselves and each other, thank you for trusting me and for holding space for each other.

We raised close to $325 yesterday for Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. Thank you to Studio Flora for hosting the space and donating 20% of sales after the event as well.