I don’t know about you but I feel like March popped out of nowhere and February went in a blink of an eye. Here in Seattle, snowpocalypse and the city shutting down for almost two weeks meant lots, and I mean lots, of time at home with the kids with school closures, delays and early releases. Then we had a week off for winter break.  I don’t know about you but prolonged breaks take its toll on my mindset. I so very much value the time I have away from my kids to just be me and work, which fills my soul, and I noticed without that time away I ended up yelling at my kids a lot! So I’m grateful it’s March and for the sunny days, even if it’s temporary, and for our normal routine.

There are quite a few things lined up in March, especially the workshop I am most excited about which is in collaboration with Angie Louthan, Life Coach and founder of Kind Fest. I truly believe people come into your life right when you need them to. As this year has been dedicated to examining and learning to embrace my shadows so I can truly embrace all of me and to share that journey with you, I’ve connected to Angie who does this work and offers workshops on them. So we’ve created an experience for you called “Finding Light in Dark” to bring our strengths together to help you learn to embrace your shadows so that you can learn to love ALL of you.

Another thing I am excited about is a new women’s business group I’ve created called Transforming Women in Business. While there are many amazing business groups out there, I’ve been looking for a group for purpose driven businesswomen that fosters deeper, more authentic connection so we can have those enriching, vulnerable conversations about our businesses. We had our inaugural meeting the first Friday of this month and it was inspiring to connect with some new and old friends to talk about where our businesses came from. A theme that emerged from that discussion was the fear we all had to face in order to start our businesses. It’s one I talk about often, a fear I believe all of us have which is both our greatest fear and our greatest power…to be seen. Many of us talked about how we had to show up as our real selves and trust in ourselves, even when we were not supported by our loved ones. Another event is scheduled for April which you’ll find below.

Happy March and I hope this month is full of joy, fulfillment and well deserved time for you. I hope to see some of you at an event!


Coffee with Intention (March) on Romantic Relationships
Rumi states, “Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Romantic Relationships are hard. What are you barriers? What do you struggle with? What are you looking for? Let’s have intentional conversation about this topic so we can deeply connect with each other and ourselves.
Sunday, March 17 @9:30-11:30am. Register at Eventbrite or Facebook.

WomanSpeak Intro Night
Rehearsing what you’re going to say, staying silent when you want to talk, desiring more clarity when you speak, fear of public speaking… Learning to speak isn’t just about the art of speaking, it’s ultimately about learning to trust ourselves and getting into our bodies so that our authentic voices emerge. WomanSpeak is so much more than a speaking program. It’s a journey into who you are and the message you have to share with the world. It’s all about personal growth and empowerment. We have a couple of openings in the group. Intro Night is a great way to experience a full meeting for yourself. You can read more about it on my website or Facebook event listing
Wednesday, March 20 @6:00-9:00pm. Register here.

Finding Light in the Dark
The messaging we get when we’re learning to love and embrace ourselves is to focus on joy and all the things that make us feel “good.” And that’s so important but what about the things that aren’t easy to feel or look at? To truly learn to love ourselves, we have to embrace every side of us including our shadows…the parts of us that are flawed, the parts of us that make us feel “bad” like sadness and anger. We have to be willing to look at our shadows. We are complex beings with a multitude of different emotions, sometimes what feels like conflicting ones at the same time, but it’s what makes us human. Our flaws and shadows are what connect us and until we fully embrace them, we will struggle with harsh self-judgment and they will keep revisiting us. So let’s take the time to connect to ourselves and our shadows and learn to love all of us so we can show up in the world unapologetically as our most authentic selves.

In this small group workshop we’ll do teachings, guided meditations, and journal practices to understand and work with our shadows in order to see their gifts, extend them compassion, and integrate them into our being. We’ll end the afternoon by capturing a meaningful portrait of one of your shadow aspects so you can have a visual reminder to help you learn to embrace this part of yourself. The 2-Day workshop is being taught by Life Coach and Kind Fest founder Angie Louthan and portraits taken by me.
Friday, March 22 @10:00-2:00pm, Friday, March 29 @10:00-12:00pm. Register onEventbrite.

Transforming Women in Business – What’s Holding You Back?
No matter where we are on your business journey, we encounter highs and lows. When we hit our lows, it usually has to do with our inner journey, our fears and holding ourselves back. Let’s dive into what that is so we can own our role in our lows and inspire each other to move forward. The meeting will be structured to encourage vulnerable and honest discussion but how much you share will be completely up to you.
Friday, April 5 @10:30-12:30pm. Register on Meetup.