The Studio Open House is coming up in a couple of weeks but I wanted to give you a sneak peek of the before it’s painted and decorated. Come along with me for a tour.

Here is the main entrance where the main room sits in a corner. There’s a big wall immediately adjacent and it will be the kitchen/storage area.

In the main area of the corner room is where I be doing my photoshoots. The fact that it’s a corner space is what makes the light plentiful. Tall ceilings and good lighting are so important for a photography studio. There is plenty of room for backdrops, stands and lighting. It’s quite an improvement from my living room where it all started!

This little corner will be perfect for a desk and bookcase so I can work at my studio. Owning a business is a lot more than the actual work. It’s all the back-end stuff that takes up a lot of time. It would be great to have a space of my own in which to do. I currently have a work station in my basement playroom at home. It’s decorated nicely but dark, low ceilings and of course, I have to share it with the kids and all their toys and mess.

This is the newly made opening that will lead to a secondary space. I initially had the idea to put a sofa in here but while I was painting, a different idea came to mind — to create a workshop space for women.

Here is a picture of the small, secondary room. I love that it has a window which gives me a total of three windows for a light and airy studio space. The little corner will be a changing corner for clients on their photoshoot. There will be hooks on the walls and a comfy chair.

Last is the other side of the secondary room. There is a door, which I won’t be using and an angled wall which will serve as my reveal wall.

Thank you for coming on the tour with me! I can’t wait until you come visit at my Open House!

*Edit: See the After! The completed studio tour is here.