“When I look at the pictures, I see more than a mom, I see the person I kind of remember being before kids. I see me. It’s how I want to see myself. It’s how I envision my best self looking which is not how I feel everyday.”

Tanya had a mother-daughter portrait session with her little girl Olivia. I photographed them each separately and then took just a few together since I wanted her to have the full portrait experience for women. When I spoke to Tanya about my philosophy as a photographer, it really resonated with her. I talked to her about wanting to give women the chance to truly see themselves and be seen.

Tanya’s reaction to her reveal was emotional. She had high expectations after seeing images from previous portrait sessions. When she saw her images, she was speechless and teary eyed. She expected them to be good but was taken aback by how beautiful she looked. The pictures reminded her of her ‘best self’—the person she remembers being before marriage and kids. It’s the person she aspires to be.