Take up space.Attune to your body.Let go of perfection.Own your story.Trust yourself.Find community.Clarify your message.Speak powerfully.

It’s hard to sum up the benefits of the WomanSpeak program in one phrase because it is so much more than a speaking program. It truly is a transformative journey into yourself through your voice that helps you to process and own your story and to do it in a powerful way. It’s not about doing all the surface level, exterior things that could make you a better speaker but about diving deep into yourself so that you can learn to connect to yourself fully—mind, body and soul when you speak. ​​​​​​​​
The power to speak is within you and we learn to access it in a supportive environment so that you learn how to feel safe speaking. You also get the benefit of feeling supported by other women. Healing happens on so many levels. ​​​​​​​​

Watch the videos below to learn how we handle things the WomanSpeak way and what makes the program so different than other speaking programs.

Dealing with Anxiety when Speaking

Handling Fear of Judgment when Speaking

How to Effectively Influence Others with Your Speaking

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