How would you feel if you saw a sad portrait of yourself? Would you look away? Avoid it? Not like that version of yourself? The truth is we all have some sadness. It is part of what makes us who we are and we all experience it. We don’t like feeling sad so we resist and we don’t give ourselves permission. And that’s when we struggle. The struggle comes from the expectations we have about how we should feel.

Embracing who we are is about embracing all sides of us, even the sad sides and accepting that’s part of us. So take a long look. What do you see when you look at this portrait?

You see sadness.
You see depth.
You see complexity.
You even see a little hope and playfulness.

We are all complicated, multi-faceted beings. We have experiences that range from wonderful to terrible and everything in between. They all contribute to our being and make us who we are. Embrace who you are. Embrace ALL of you. They play an important part in making you YOU and while we often fight the feelings that aren’t so positive, they always teach us something. There is always growth on the other side, whether we realize it or not.

A Transformative Portrait Experience aims to show you all sides of you so you realize that no matter what you’re conveying in an image, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Fully embracing yourself is a necessary step to living authentically and showing up in life as your most truest self, not needing validation from others or fearing rejection or judgment. So take a good long look at this portrait. Because when you do, you see sadness, depth and complexity and it is BEAUTIFUL.