We had the inaugural meeting for the women’s business group, Transforming Women in Business Meetup, I’ve been longing for…a place not to network but to have deep and authentic discussion about ourselves and our purpose driven businesses. About a dozen women gathered to talk about our businesses by connecting through honesty and vulnerability.

The theme of the meeting was Your Origin Story. Each woman shared how her business was born and what struggles she faced to get to where she is today. One of the questions I asked was, “What was one of the scariest things you had to do to get your business going?” Everyone’s answer centered around the theme of showing up as your real self and trusting yourself. I think this is probably the biggest struggle people have in their lives—shedding the weight of everyone else’s expectations to be who you truly are. Starting your own business, especially if it’s purpose driven, makes you confront that and each woman shared how she had to overcome that to begin.

I am grateful for my business and the all the women who have come into my little world who are showing up as their real selves. But you don’t have to start a business to do that. It just takes commitment, a mindset shift and one step at a time.

Join us for our next meeting on Friday, April 5, 2019 on the topic, What’s Holding You Back? by registering in the Transforming Women in Business Meetup Group.