What does your armor look like? Mine was beautiful, intricate, sharp and a sight to behold. My armor was PERFECTION. I always strived to be perfect and I was always so proud of that because I excelled at everything I did. I wore it like a badge and considered it my superpower. But do you know what I realized after my life had completely fallen apart and I found myself completely broken and lost? That being “perfect” wasn’t about striving for excellence. It was about fear of judgment because in my mind, if someone judged me, they would find out the truth… that I was a fraud and unworthy of love. My armor was my protection. It was my fear of being seen…of showing myself. It kept other people from truly knowing me but more importantly, it kept me from truly knowing myself.

I’ve since taken off my armor and realized that I never knew who I was until now. I am worthy. I am worthy of being loved, of being seen, of being recognized and acknowledged. I won’t always get that from other people but I can get it from myself and that is empowering because no one can take that away. What does your armor look like and what is it keep you from?

Take off your armor. It is heavy and a burden. Show yourself because you are enough and you are worthy of being seen.