How do the people in your life see you? As the dutiful daughter? The selfless wife? The unwavering friend? The perfect mom? The diligent worker? How do you see yourself?

We spend most of our lives trying to fill the roles we were taught to value and eventually internalized. We carry the expectations of those around us, from those close to us and far away. We do that and forget. We forget to see ourselves as we are…as the person we are to us.

If you stopped being what others needed from you, who would you be?

Answering that question is how we get to our essential true self, to the person we were meant to be before we learned to trade in our truths for conditional love and acceptance. So what if we took the radical step of loving ourselves unconditionally…to love and accept every single part of us, body, mind and soul, without judgment, without labeling parts ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and recognizing that every single part of us are worthy of our unconditional love?⠀⠀

Do you think you would then be able to fully stand in your truth and show up to the world as who you truly are? ⠀

I believe you can because you are worthy. You are worthy of love and acceptance exactly as you are… the beautiful flawed human being that we all are. But in order to receive, you have to first decide that you are deserving of your own love. Stop trying to be the things you are not, that others need and therefore expect from you, and love yourself exactly as you are. ⠀⠀