When I was growing up, I always thought something was wrong with me. I remember having these odd sensations of feeling like I was from another planet, feeling out of place and wondering how I came to be in this body, in this mind, in my family, etc.

As an adult, I tried to constantly fix myself to no avail, beating myself up for being imperfect all the time when all I wanted to be was perfect. I was constantly adjusting myself to make sure I looked the ‘right’ way or said just the ‘right’ thing so that everyone would like me and I would avoid rejection. The thought of rejection was unbearable because it would confirm for me what I believed to be an unshakeable truth…that I wasn’t good enough, a fear I held deeply inside of me.⠀

Going on this journey has been about shifting what I think others should tell me I should be to what I want to be. Who am I to me? Not to my parents, society, friends, family, etc. but to me is the question I ask myself now.

When we let go of everyone else’s definition and start looking inward to define for ourselves who we are, we can find compassion, acceptance and love for ourselves. I am by no means perfect. I am incredibly flawed. That hasn’t changed. The only difference is that I accept these things as part of being human and in this acceptance, I’ve find peace within. ⠀⠀

You don’t have to be fixed or change who you are. You’re not missing anything. You are you and that is enough. ⠀


Photo by Nick Owuor (astro.nic.visuals) on Unsplash