If you had a Transformative Portrait Experience, who do you think you’ll see? Will you look ugly? Insecure? Flawed? We oftentimes don’t want to look at ourselves because we’re afraid of who we’ll see. We have stories in our heads of who we think we are and focus on all the things we think are wrong with us. We think of ourselves singularly – as either good or bad, perfect or flawed, worthy or unworthy. We set unrealistic expectations for ourselves on how we should behave, how we should feel, how we should look. But thinking about ourselves this way doesn’t serve us. It keeps us afraid of being seen and stepping out into the world as who we truly are. ⁣

So what if you took the chance? What if you took an intentional look at yourself? Who do you think you’ll see? I promise that your true self is in there. You are strong, confident, vulnerable, and full of complex emotions and history and all of that will be beautiful. You are whole and worthy but you can only truly recognize that when you decide to really look at yourself. Embrace yourself fully, wholeheartedly, and love you for who you are.