Speaking can be nerve wracking, even terrifying for some. This is especially true in these times when speaking up in both public and private life is important. I’ve watched public figures start speaking up and have seen the backlash, which can be visceral and cruel. This is even harder if you’ve learned to silence your voice because you weren’t allowed to speak up at some point in your life. Chances are, you learned to cope with backlash by altering your voice and conforming to others’ expectations, editing yourself and not fully speaking your truth.⠀⠀

So what can we do about this? ⠀⠀

The truth is that you cannot control how others respond to you. Whether it’s using your voice or showing up in the world as who you truly are, the only thing you can really control is what is going on internally inside of you. And that’s where WomanSpeak comes in. The program isn’t about conforming or altering your voice to fit in. It’s about leaning into your deep truth in a supportive environment of fertile listening and celebration so that you can practice and learn to trust your voice inside so you have the strength to speak your truth outside in the world where it isn’t always safe.

Effective speaking isn’t just about the techniques, which we learn in WomanSpeak too, but about YOU and learning to trust yourself enough to withstand whatever happens. You have something to say. Your voice matters and others should have the opportunity to hear it.⠀⠀⠀

Join us for Intro Class on July 15th if you want to know what it feels like to speak your truth. Tuition is going up starting in fall so if you’ve been interested, now is the time to check it out.