Clarify Your Message and Share It Powerfully

  • Be clear on your message.
  • Understand the core ideas that are at the heart of your work and you will know how to communicate and share them in a way that is powerful and effective.
  • Learn the art of storytelling.
  • Transform your resistance around the fear of sharing your voice into freedom and natural confidence.

The WomanSpeak Method

The 6-week curriculum is focused on both getting to the heart of your beliefs and ideas while empowering you with specific practices to make you a better and more impactful speaker. The WomanSpeak method, developed by KC Baker, is female-centric and focuses on leaning into our bodies, trusting our intuitive wisdom and voice, and creating internal safety so that we can learn to speak our truths.

Sharing What You Believe

Get to the heart of your core beliefs and learn how to take space and create internal safety.

The Change You Want to See in the World

Connect to the visions you have for the world and learn how to connect with your audience authentically.

Sharing Your Most Powerful Ideas

Connect to your powerful ideas and learn how to create presence with your audience.

Your Diamond Insight

Connect to your inner wisdom and learn how to own the purpose and power of what you have to say.

Leaving Your Legacy

Connect to your inner wisdom and learn how to lean into to silence and create internal validation.

How to Tell an Epic Story

Learn how to effectively use storytelling to communicate and powerfully land your ideas.

The Member Experience

Hear from current and past members of the WomanSpeak 16-Month Program on this Instagram TV Live series. We discuss a talk they gave in the program and share practices that helped them be better speakers. We also talk about how they've benefited from the program. Click on the image to watch the replay on Instagram TV.

Are you ready to connect to your authentic voice and speak your truth?

This WomanSpeak 6-Week Intensive program is a condensed version of our full 16-month WomanSpeak program. It will be an intimate, small group program and be offered only once or twice a year on set dates. The program will be 12 hours total and includes curriculum materials. The investment for this program is $690 due upon enrollment.

The program will be offered in the future. If you are interested, please complete the interest form below.

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