I would like to introduce you to my new makeup artist, LiSun Goh. I met her through a women’s business owners group. I liked her portfolio, makeup philosophy and emphasis on minimal, natural looking makeup so arranged to meet her in person. I asked her why she’s a makeup artist and she said she loves how women react when she’s done, how they feel more confident and good about themselves. I loved her energy and kindness so we worked together with a client and a new professional relationship was born. We have come together to offer “Makeup Workshop: Allow Yourself to Be Noticed” on Thursday, April 26. So many of us women don’t bother to wear makeup either because we don’t feel like we have time or don’t know what we’re doing so we wanted to offer a hands-on workshop on a quick and easy routine anyone could do everyday as well as tips and recommendations. We will also have a discussion on “makeup” and our feelings and beliefs about it and how it ties to our sense of worthiness. You can sign up on Facebook or directly on Eventbrite.

While the primary purpose of my studio space is to provide women with Transformative Portrait Experiences, I also want to hold space for women so that they can feel like they matter. We feel like we matter when we allow ourselves to be seen and are acknowledged and accepted. I hope you will join me.