Going on your journey isn't about transforming into someone else.

It’s easy to assume that going on our journey is about “becoming” someone else but that’s not true. We are, instead, going through the process of “unbecoming.”

Going on your journey is about reconnecting to the woman you truly are, the woman who lives deep inside of you, to your true self. It’s about letting go of the idea of who you think you should be, of shedding the burden of expectations given to us by others, and allowing your authentic self to emerge.

Your purpose in life is to be your most authentic, truest self. Your purpose is to be unapologetically YOU.

I MATTER Program

Commit to changing your life.

This 6-week intensive program is for those of you who want to commit to changing your life. The program is designed to guide you on your journey through weekly in-person mentoring sessions, guided journaling and assignments. You will be provided with the tools to explore the stories that shaped who you think you are so you can learn to own those stories and shed them. A Transformative Portrait Experience and RAW Session are included in the program so that you can see your true self and have documentation of your journey.


Single or Multi-Sessions

One-on-one mentoring services help you explore who you are at a pace and frequency that is just right for you. Whether you are looking for clarity and perspective or to learn to love yourself more, mentoring offers individualized attention to empower you to trust yourself more and live as the woman you truly are.

Virtual Group Sessions

Meet virtually with an intimate group of like minded women twice a month for group mentoring. Gain perspective, support and a community to help you show up in any area of your life. Beta group program coming soon!


Workshops are self-contained and focus on self-exploration on topics such as fear, intention setting, releasing beliefs, and imposter syndrome. They may be offered through the studio solo or in collaboration with other providers whose mission is aligned. Please see the schedule below to see what is currently offered.

Finding Light in the Dark: A Shadow WorkshopYou can't just love half of you.

"This workshop took me deeper into my shadow than any other work I have done in the past to help me release and embrace my shadows...For months afterward, I have found myself learning and growing more, all while being kind to myself. The nagging critical voice inside my head is gone. The workshop has quite literally changed my life."

It's easy to love the parts of us that are full of light but what about the shadow parts of us? We all have shadows and most of us don't like these aspects so we spend our lives avoiding them. But shadows are an important part of who we are. Learning to embrace them and seeing the gifts they bring will help us to accept ourselves fully.

"Finding Light in the Dark" is a 2-day workshop offered in collaboration with Life Coach Angie Louthan to explore your shadow self. Guided meditations, journaling and photography are used to help you embrace your shadows so you can learn to let go of self-judgment and practice self-compassion.

Reflections on Life


Workshops, meaningful collaborations and curated experiences.


04.01 WomanSpeak Circle Intro Class @9:00am on Zoom. For more information, visit here.

04.01 WomanSpeak Circle meets @10:00am on Zoom. For more information, visit here.

04.04 Coffee with Intention @10:30am on Zoom. For more information, visit here.

04.22 WomanSpeak Circle meets @10:00am on Zoom. For more information, visit here.

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